Michelle Hart

Michelle Hart

Interior Stylist

Michelle Hart is the owner and founder of Bask Interiors in Melbourne.

A freelance interiors stylist and decorator, Michelle has a creative mind and intuitive spirit. She loves helping her clients curate and transform their homes into functional, inspired and well considered spaces, made for everyday living. 

Michelle believes the home to be an extension and expression of our inner selves, and that our home environments can also directly affect our mood and overall well being.

Her leading purpose is to create spaces that nurture, support, are meaningful and feel welcoming.

Creating a Sacred Space in Your Home

We learn how to intentionally create a defined retreat in your home or garden with the purpose of practising what is meaningful to you, from interior stylist Michelle Hart.


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Interior Stylist and Youtimer Michelle Hart shares how to bring the natural environment indoors to help replenish our life force energy, rejuvenate our bodies and reinvigorate our minds. 

Michelle's Top Picks

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