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Lauren McCurry

Lauren McCurry


Lauren Alice McCurry is a brand strategist, copywriter, and the founder of Ballet Season – a female-led creative studio building brand essentials for good people.

With over a decade of industry experience as a writer, journalist, and content specialist – as well as a Master of Publishing and Communication from the University of Melbourne – Lauren is well versed in combining her love of language with an understanding of engaging visuals and how they work in unison to create an impactful, clear message. She believes a creative product should not only look good but also serve a tangible purpose. 

For Lauren, youtime looks like exploring her interests in archival fashion, searching for treasures at vintage markets and consignment stores, and reading in the bath.

The Life Changing Power of Tongue Cleaning

Please consider ‘Wake and Scrape’ our new personal mantra. The ancient Ayurvedic practice of tongue cleaning is now firmly in the mainstream.


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"Reading in the bath": youtime for Lauren McCurry

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