Lauren McCurry

Lauren McCurry


Lauren Alice McCurry is a brand strategist, copywriter, and the founder of Ballet Season – a female-led creative studio building brand essentials for good people.

With over a decade of industry experience as a writer, journalist, and content specialist – as well as a Master of Publishing and Communication from the University of Melbourne – Lauren is well versed in combining her love of language with an understanding of engaging visuals and how they work in unison to create an impactful, clear message. She believes a creative product should not only look good but also serve a tangible purpose. 

For Lauren, youtime looks like exploring her interests in archival fashion, searching for treasures at vintage markets and consignment stores, and reading in the bath.


Nurture the Sole: A Luxe Foot Spa Ritual at Home

Try this at-home reflexology-inspired foot ritual that encourages a gentle pause and nurtures the ‘sole’ – no costly trip to the salon required.


Noteworthy Reads

Taking Control of My Financial Wellness

- 4 minute read

For Lauren McCurry, money is not just a dirty word. It’s a scary, anxiety-inducing one, too. Here’s how she started to take back the reins on her financial wellness, one arduous Xero reconciliation at a time.

How to Naturally Combat Jetlag

- 3 minute read

Do long-haul flights put you in a state of dazed confusion, fatigue or circadian limbo? Here’s how to prepare your body and mind for transatlantic travel and avoid body clock trauma on your next holiday.

Swish, Don't Swallow: Oil Pulling for Beginners

- 4 minute read

Promising multiple benefits to your oral health and beyond, this daily Ayurvedic ritual is worth your time.

Seeking Solitude Within a Concrete Metropolis: My Favourite Restorative Solo Adventures In NYC

- 4 minute read

In a city populated by over 8-million people, moments of solitude are rare. Here are the places our writer Lauren McCurry loves to visit in NYC to unwind, recharge and spend time with her thoughts.

Relearning How To Be Alone (Not Lonely)... in Paris

- 4 minute read

Travelling solo in a post-pandemic world without a familiar face in sight meant Lauren McCurry had to relearn the intimate pleasure of courting herself and her own free will.

The Body Neutrality Movement

- 6 minute read

Exploring the notion of accepting your body outside the lens of beauty and aesthetics. To find out more, we chat with pilates instructor Cat Webb on how the movement informs her inclusive teaching practice.

How Going Sober Changed My Social Life

- 4 minute read

Without the social lubrication of her usual prosecco, writer Lauren McCurry found her relationships changed significantly, and for the better. She also found herself feeling very lonely.

The Bad Side to Good Vibes

- 4 minute read

There is practising gratitude, and then there's Toxic Positivity. Here is why always 'looking on the bright side' can invalidate the human experience.

"Reading in the bath": youtime for Lauren McCurry

- 1 minute read

We asked our community to inspire us by sharing what youtime means to them.

The Life Changing Power of Tongue Cleaning

- 3 minute read

Please consider ‘Wake and Scrape’ our new personal mantra. The ancient Ayurvedic practice of tongue cleaning is now firmly in the mainstream.

Lauren's Top Picks





JING 100g







Mood Hues: How the Colour of Clothing Affects How You Feel

Ever wondered if the colour of your clothing possesses the ability to alter your emotions?

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