Jim Roche

Jim Roche

Artist & Skateboarder

Jim is a Melbourne/Naarm based artist and skateboarder.

Sponsored by Hoddle Skateboards, Vans Australia, and Fast Times Skateboarding, he has appeared on the covers of Slam Skateboarding Magazine, The Skateboarder’s Journal and featured in clips on Thrasher and Monster Children, Brixton and Vans Australia. 

Jim's artistry is inspired by watching his father's career as a surfboard shaper: "My practice is informed by our humanistic attraction to material and aesthetics, resulting in the constant manipulation of our environments," he says.

"I create a dialogue through abstraction, intuition, colour and wayfinding symbology, working with ready-made and sourced materials to create sculptural paintings and assemblages."

The Fine Arts graduate's work has been featured in Russh Magazine, Teeth Magazine and various group shows in Melbourne.

Jim's Top Picks

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