Carrie Hutchinson

Carrie Hutchinson


For the past twenty years or so, Carrie Hutchinson has been a writer and editor for a variety of well-known mastheads, including British Vogue, lifestyle bible Wallpaper*, Vogue Entertaining + Travel, Qantas magazine and get lost.

She lives in Melbourne where she writes about travel, food, music and design. Her mission in life is to swim with as many creatures as possible. 

Having ticked off sharks, wild dolphins, cuttlefish and manta rays, she’s ready to splash with whales and marine iguanas as soon as the possibility arises.

In Praise of Small Moments

Are we truly getting joy from ticking off the tourist traps and grabbing a selfie for the ‘gram? As she reflects on her most meaningful memories from a road trip through the US South, Carrie Hutchinson makes a case for the unexpected magical moments that come when you step off social media, quit your itinerary, and slow down.


Carrie's Top Picks

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