PODCAST | What Tina Arena Wishes Everyone Knew About Her


PODCAST | What Tina Arena Wishes Everyone Knew About Her

Episode 2 of the 'It's youtime' podcast hosted by youtime's Founder Steve Terry, in conversation with Tina Arena.

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Most Australians think they know who Tina Arena is.

She’s Tiny Tina from Young Talent Time. She’s the iconic voice behind some of our most beloved songs like Chains and Sorrento Moon. Her music has been the soundtrack to many of our lives.

But who is Pina? Philipina Arena - or Pina - the person behind the stage name we all grew up with?

She and I were introduced by mutual friends about six months ago and as I have quickly learned - Pina doesn’t hold back. She’s got opinions, and she’s got some stories. From a career that’s spanned five decades and a life rich in different cultures: An Aussie girl from Italian immigrant parents, who has lived much of her adult life as an ex-pat - in America, the UK and finally France.

During this episode, we talk about what Tina wishes the Australian public knew about her, and the encounters that led to her making the decision to pull herself off the road to global pop stardom - and why she’s glad she forged a different path for herself. One that perhaps many others wouldn’t have been brave enough to choose.

So what is Pina’s true measure of success?

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