PODCAST | The moment Gemma Watts' doctor "called her on her bullshit"


PODCAST | The moment Gemma Watts' doctor "called her on her bullshit"

Episode 5 of the 'It's youtime' podcast hosted by youtime's Founder Steve Terry, in conversation with Gemma Watts.

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Gemma Watts thought she had nailed her work/life balance.

Being her own boss, as the editor of Glow Journal, podcast host, MC, and a trusted authority on all things beauty on social media and as youtime’s beauty expert, Gemma believed that she had implemented healthy boundaries, routine and work load.

Until, she didn’t.

At the end of last year, her body forced her to acknowledge that she wasn’t prioritising her own needs when she ended up on bedrest, suffering from burnout.

In this episode, Gemma and I discuss how having a presence on social media, it is easy to fall into the ‘hustle’ mentality, of being reachable all of the time.

And she says that no matter how successful she became, there has often been a small voice in her head, feeding a fear of what opportunities could pass her by while she was offline.

Gemma also reveals that it is possible to be the boss, to get what you want in a sometimes cutthroat industry, while always remaining humble, and kind. And, how figuring out what being ‘well’ means for her, has given her the confidence to say no.

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