WATCH | #MYyoutime with Zoe Klein


WATCH | #MYyoutime with Zoe Klein

A glimpse into youtimer Zoe Klein's youtime.

Zoe Klein

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Hi, My name’s Zoe Klein. I am a yoga teacher and psychotherapist living on the Mornington Peninsula.

My youtime looks like - time away from my devices to really be present and intimate with life. It oscillates between movement and stillness. It looks like time for my yoga practice, being out in nature, or surfing in the ocean.

I really value time in solitude to be alone and to do my practices, but I think I feel the most recharged when I spend quality time with good friends and family.

My youtime means the most to me in the mornings.

I am a morning person and I feel my best when I rise with the sun.

My youtime is all about variety. I have many different interests and hobbies, but in some ways it’s actually about doing less - it’s about picking one thing and doing it with my full attention.

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