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WATCH | #MYyoutime with Gemma Watts


WATCH | #MYyoutime with Gemma Watts

Beauty Expert Gemma Watts shares an intimate glimpse into how she spends her youtime.

Gemma Watts

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Hi, I’m Gemma Watts and I’m a beauty writer.

For me, youtime is just keeping the phone away. It’s about setting boundaries around my time and then I feel like I can give 100% to whatever it is I’m doing whomever I’m with. 

"One word to describe my youtime would be... fun."

I’m an extrovert by nature, and I get pretty restless, so my favourite way to recharge is to be around people.

I think my youtime does change with the season. In the summer, I do tend to go out more, whereas in the winter, it’s all about good food, good wine.

My youtime is usually spent in good company, for me, I so value my friends and my family. I think my youtime is probably about doing less, which does sound counterintuitive given that I love spending time doing things, it’s more about the energy I’m putting into it. I can take things at my own pace when it’s my youtime.

I think the time of day doing which youtime means the most to me, is just whatever time that I can find to be mindful and take the time for myself 

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