Swedish Heritage

Australian born, Swedish heritage.

Our Founder Steve Terry lived in Stockholm for 25 years, and it was there he established himself as an industry leading hairdresser and e-commerce entrepreneur.

The Swedish way of life and values imbued to him by his wife Helene, friends and colleagues struck this Sydney born and raised beach boy, and have become integral to how Steve and Helene live their life, and do business.

Not only is youtime the exclusive distributor for some of the best Scandinavian brands never previously available in Australia, but the Swedish values permeate all aspects of our internal culture, purpose and message.

Lagom (Pron. “La-gum”)

Lagom means not too much or too little, but just the right amount. In Sweden, it is a way of living, and the consciousness through which all choices are made. 

It can be applied in the minutiae: enjoying just enough delicious cake so that you derive pleasure and feel satisfied, but not so much that you overindulge, and feel sick. 

Finding a healthy balance between work, play and rest: The most productive workers take regular breaks to replenish and recharge.

Consuming only what you truly need: abundance doesn’t come from buying endless ‘things’, but choosing thoughtfully, investing in quality, and seeking fulfilment in connection above consumerism.

Living the lagom life is to find contentment in moderation, in all aspects of life.

 The concept of lagom advocates for removing the unnecessary clutter in your life, pairing it back to only what serves you. 

By having only what you need, you can lead a less stressful, and more peaceful, contented life.

Scandinavian minimalism is an extension of lagom. The rest of the world admires it as chic and sophisticated. 

The Swedes know it to be the secret to happiness.

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