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A premium 100% pure anti-bacterial copper wand that scraped away plaque and bad bacteria for optimum oral hygiene, improved sense of taste, and the freshest breath.

Scraping your tongue daily can also prevent bacteria spreading into your body and boost overall immunity.

Handcrafted in India, this simple yet genius tool will become the most satisfying, must-not-miss step in your morning routine.

1. Wash with warm soapy water before use
2. Hold by the looped handles
3.Place the horseshoe shaped edge at the back of your tongue
3. Apply light pressure, pulling it gently all the way forward to remove plaque
5. Rinse and repeat as needed

Over time, copper can naturally tarnish which is normal. Clean it with a simple solution of salt and lemon juice.

"The eyes may be a window to the soul, but the tongue is the heart of your health."

Youtime writer Lauren McCurry was converted to the daily ritual of tongue cleaning after researching the ancient Ayurvedic practice for this article.

The youtime team are tongue cleaning devotees, because once you've scraped - there's no going back.

We all need to take care of our mouths - it's a non-negotiable. We choose everyday oral essentials that are stylish, plastic neutral certified, and kinder to the planet. Keeko is a certified plastic neutral brand.

For each product Keeko sells that containing plastic, they fund the removal of plastic waste from landfills and natural environments to be recycled and repurposed.


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