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Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser

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Pure. Potent.

For essential oil pros who prefer the purest potency undiluted with oil or water, the In Essence Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser delivers you just that.

Working with nebulizing technology, it releases a fine cool mist composed entirely of pure essential oil, resulting in a much stronger, high potency aroma dispersed throughout the air without the need for heat or water.

Cordless and compact, this model allows you to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy in your car, or easily create your desired aromatic ambience in any setting, with ultimate convenience.


Wireless Portability

Chargeable Battery

USB Power Cord

3 Timer Settings (30/60/90 minutes)

Intermittent Mist Release

Safe Auto Shut Off

Total Run Time: 10-30 hours

Step 1. Remove the nozzle by pushing upright through the hole in the base of the diffuser. Attach your In Essence Pure Essential Oil into the nozzle (bottles sizes up to 20mL compatible). Secure nozzle back into the diffuser, ensuring the marked arrows are aligned (avoid chemical, synthetic oils as these will cause the diffuser to malfunction).
Step 2. Hold the POWER button to turn on the diffuser. This will activate Intermittent mist dispersion. Intermittent mist intervals can be adjusted by further pressing the power button. 1st Press: On 10sec, Off 60sec, Repeat. 2nd Press: On 20sec, Off 60sec, Repeat. 3rd Press: On 30sec, Off 60sec, Repeat.
Step 3. Press TIMER to activate the timer mode (30/60/90 mins). To turn off the diffuser at any time, hold the POWER button.

Compatible with essential oil bottles no larger than 20mL. Not all essential oil bottles may be suitable.

Adults only
Always read the label. Use only as directed
Keep out of reach of children

For full instructions refer to the manual enclosed.

Make any space feel like home - your office, a hotel room, your car. Convenient to carry and easy to set up with your desired aroma.

Pioneers for over 30 years in the essential oil industry, In Essence are dedicated to delivering holistic health and wellbeing solutions through the power of pure essential oils. They have designed their unique diffusion vessels to ensure you receive the optimum therapeutic benefits from their 100% pure essential oils.


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